Wanna try something off the charts and way unconventional? There is a slot where you can experience such beauty. The game is called Mystery Reels Deluxe. It’s actually a minimal slot game and the fun it carries is something so minimal that not everyone will like it. So, take a deep breath and then go forward towards the slot called the Mystery Reels Deluxe. 

About the Game

What is cool about the game of Mystery Reels Deluxe is you can get a lot of interesting puddles of spins inside a casino like setup. The main background of the game will have a dark blue tone with a lot of gold like shineness. Yellow gold will be the main accent color here and the more you stick around here will make you more alert to the upcoming levels of the game. It’s pretty good to spin something that isn’t tough and also pretty unique. So, I introduce you to the new game of Mystery Reels Deluxe. 

Icons and Values of Mystery Reels Deluxe

The symbols of Mystery Reels Deluxe are so perfect that you just need to know their basics to trigger and activate the wins. These are fair and can be used way more efficiently than its competitors. So, what are all these? These are cherries, berries, melons, lemons, oranges and peaches. Bell icons and 7s icons will be the primary icons that can score higher than the rest. The scatters and surprise bonus icon will be also here. With all these icons, if you pay constant attention to their values, you can win anything and this is not any exaggeration. 

Bonuses of Mystery Reels Deluxe and their Sparkles

Don’t worry about the bonuses and prizes of Mystery Reels Deluxe. You get to see a lot of free spins, multipliers, random triggering spins that award surprise bonus spins and you even get a bonus wheel to enhance all these above mentioned measures. So, don’t wait too much to spin the game of Mystery Reels Deluxe. If you get late, others will take your space and make necessary steps to win a lot bigger than you. So, don’t wait and start the spin right away! 

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