Mystery Woods is not your usual kind of slot game where there will be only magic and jump scares. This one is different in all levels and spinning the reels will only make you enjoy and experience all these levels. So, pack your bags right now and jump right into this enchanting forest themed slot game called the Mystery Woods. It sure has mystery and lots of wooden levels. 

The Specs and Tasks

The game of Mystery Woods is really not a mystery and once you get the hang of the spins, you can easily manage through all the levels seamlessly. So, right after the main menu, you get to see this purple toned enchanted forest and this is your base area. This is where the symbols and the spin button rest. The animation here is all great and they really uplift the magical tone of the game. In addition to this, the music and the rolling tones are also well made and polished like. The symbols of Mystery Woods are also quite unique while comparing with the rest. So, these are divided into low symbols and high symbols. The low symbols will be mainly playing cards like As and Js. There will be some numeral icons as well. The high symbols AKA, the primary symbols will be purely Mystery Woods based and they can’t be named under a certain, specific category. There will be some mushroom type symbols, flowers and even some weird creature looking symbols as well. Here, you only have to map down the values of these icons and move forward. The rest will be all done by the system according to its preferences. 

The Bonuses of Mystery Woods

Mystery Woods has three main sets of bonuses; all are easy to spin. So, like all other superb slots, it begins with free spins that are triggered by the landing of the scatters. The next will be some golden tree features as well as reveal features. Both these are not at all complicated and it activates with your spins. 

So, as I said, once you get to know the working of Mystery Woods, there won’t be any issue at all. Therefore, begin your spins and take everyone to the enchanted forest of Mystery Woods. 

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