This slot game is equipped with 5 reels, 243 paylines that are set for good and 600 coin slots in order to enable a player to get that winning string on one of the paylines and thus receive a payout which is directly linked to the type of the symbols found in the winning string. Creators of Octopays wanted to increase the chances of winning so they incorporated a bonus game called kraken.

How to Play

Coin size button is used to set the desired bet.

Arrows next to the coins button is used to increase the amount of coins for betting.
Spin is used for reel spinning.

Win field represents how much the winning combo on the lines has reeled in the money. Winning combo will be highlighted at the reels.
Game options allow a player to adjust the settings, regarding the play, sound and display.

Statistics show only the statistics of the current game, i.e. how many spins a player has had as well as his three most valuable winnings. After the player exits the game, statistics are cleared.

The AutoPlay function allows a player to set a predetermined number of repeat games, negating any need for further settings adjustment on his part.


Baby Octopus

This is a wild symbol that can be found solely on the second and fourth reels, when it triggers a bonus game called kraken. It cannot form a winning string on its own, nor can it replace the scattered one.


This feature is triggered when the symbol of baby octopus is found on the second and fourth reels. A player then receives 12 free spins, throughout which symbol of the bonus baby octopus, which cannot appear anywhere but on the third reel, acts as a wild one. 4 of these symbols can replace others at most per free spin.

The bonus baby octopus cannot be used to replace the moray eel, which inks the bonus baby octopus, which is in the winning string used as a replacement. The inking means doubling the winning. The moray eel acts as a wild multiplier but it cannot replace the bonus baby octopus.

This feature cannot be restarted throughout the free spin mode.
The bet and paylines for the spin that triggered this feature will apply to kraken feature as well.

Game Rules

The way in which regular winning combos pay is left-right. That means that the combination must start from Reel
1. Valid combinations cannot start on any other reel.
20 coins at most can be staked for one spin.
Each bet is multiplied with a 30 multiplier.

Different winning combos get paid per each pay way. If there are numerous winning strings using different symbols on any pay way – they all get paid out. If there are numerous winning strings using same symbols on any pay way, only the highest combination is paid.

If there are winning combinations appearing on different pay ways, the player is paid for all of them.
In order to calculate how many credits have been won, the full amount of won coins gets multiplied against the selected coin size. The formula behind this is: Coin Amount X used Coin size = credit sum.

All payout numbers display the amount of used coins that were won for every combination. The amount of played coins decides the total amount of coins that are paid out Site malfunctions negate all payouts and plays.

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