Enriched with three bonus games, knock knock, mini’s free spin trail, and grab a gift, the Osbournes is a 5-reel, 20- payline, 200-coin slot game.
The player needs to get that lucky string on one of the paylines, in order to be paid out.
The amount he receives is directly linked to the type of symbols he gets in his winning string.

How to Play

Down and Up keys are used to choose the size of the coins.

Coins field is used to set the bet amount.

Bet max is used to set the bet amount to the highest amount possible.

Lines field is used to set the amount of the paylines.

Spin button is used for reel spinning.

Win field shows the amount won on every payline.

The winning string is highlighted across the reels, so that the player knows that he has won.

Autoplay is used to play games in a consecutive order without changing the preferences.
This is done automatically for several spins.

Statistics show the important information of the current game, such as the three most valuable winning strings and the number of played spins.


Osbournes Logo
This symbol is used as a substitute for all the others, but for the scattered, knocker and mini.

It can also form the winning string on its own if there are several of them lined up on the payline.

If there are 3+ of them scattered across the consecutive reels, with one of them starting from the first reel, then a player gets a winning string.

In case 3+ of them are found across the consecutive reels, the knock knock game is triggered.

It cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

If there are 2+ of them scattered across reels, then a player gets a winning string.

In case 3+ of them are found across the reels, the mini’s free spin trail game is triggered.

It cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

Knock Knock
If there are 3+ symbols of the knocker on the consecutive reels, with the first symbol being on the first reel, this bonus game is triggered, allowing the player to earn as much as 100000 coins, by uncovering one knocker symbol which hides the bonus amount.

This feature cannot be triggered while a player is playing the bonus game, called mini’s free spin trail.

Mini’s Free Spin Trail
This is a bonus game where a player is rewarded with 10 free spins, throughout which the regular winnings get multiplied by 2.
It is triggered when 3+ symbols of the scattered mini appear across the reels.
It gives the player a chance to earn as much as 300000 coins.

If the symbols of the mini are found on the second, third or fourth reels while in this mode, then mini advances on the trail, leading to one of the Osbourne member.
When the symbol gets to the member, then a player is rewarded with the bonus which is random.
The free spins are also reset to 10.

The free spins which the player did not use are multiplied with the entire staked bet and are given to the player as additional bonus winnings.

In case mini gets the last member, then the bonus is doubled.

The betting and paylines of the spin that opened this feature apply here as well.

Mini symbol string does not bring the payout.

Knock knock and grab a gift cannot be started while the player is using this feature.

Grab a Gift
This bonus game allows a player to earn as much as 6000 coins by uncovering four flashing gifts, each randomly hiding the bonus amounts.
It is triggered randomly and it cannot be started while the player is using the mini’s free spin trail feature.

Game Rules

All symbols pay left to right.
All symbols must be on the payline.

10 coins at most can be staked on each payline.

The amount a player wins is multiplied with the amount he stakes on every payline in order to determine the regular winnings; whereas scattered winnings are determined by multiplying the amount bet with the type of symbols that appear in the string.

Paytable serves as the basis for the calculation of the payouts.
The entire sum paid to a player is dependent on the amount staked on every payline.

A player receives a payout that is the highest on every payline, aside from the winnings that are considered scattered, which are combined with the regular winnings.
The winnings from the bonus game are also added to this lot.

Coins convert to credits by multiplying coin amount with the coin size selected by the player.

If there are technical difficulties, everything is cancelled.

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