Piggy Luck has a lot of entertaining elements required for a slot game but there isn’t much to say or narrate. That’s something we can call a lack here at Piggy Luck. If you are an ardent lover of over simplified slot games and would like to try something new, then you should definitely try Piggy Luck. It has some minimal features as well as some not bad bonuses. 

The Piggy Luck Ride

Piggy Luck is a simplified online slot game made by Gong Gaming and you can even call it an ‘oversimplified game’. There is nothing spectacular here apart from the layout and the colors and if you can, you might love the over-simplified bonus section as well. The colors of Piggy Luck are bright and they can change according to what level you are in. The animations are also pretty simple, so does the spins. Talking about the symbols, they are also simple and not so bright for a slot game. They begin with the usual low profile icons which are alphabets and then comes the diamonds, stars and crown high icons. That’s it. But don’t underestimate the game. If you spin the reels at its proper order, you can get all the free spins and even extra spin bonuses as well. Since the layout is straightforward and there isn’t much happening here, you don’t have to worry about complicating the game. Piggy Luck has some pretty decent bonuses and they don’t ever bore the gamers. If you can spin this a couple of times, you will eventually love it. 

Now to the Bonus Arena

Piggy Luck has a wide variety of bonuses and these are not like the central game at all. So, it begins with free spins which are triggered by the piggy queen symbols, some cash collect features, wheel of luck bonuses that can get up to 10x. 

With all this, you can easily love and re-spin the game of Piggy Luck. In a way, Piggy Luck is not at all a bad game and they don’t make any unwanted, boring fuss. If you spin, you win. That’s the central argument of Piggy Luck. So, try it now! 

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