Pixie Gold is a very special slot machine. What might look like a confusing layout in the beginning actually is a fun and easy one to handle. The design of this slot is very interesting and unique, nothing like you have seen before! Play on Vegas Paradise to know how things can be simple enough, yet be stylish and unique in their own way.

Pixie Gold is as unique as it looks!

Pixie Gold really has just 5 reels, though it may look like an 8 reel game with four main reels! Confused? Have a look at the game and you will know what exactly it is. Do not let the reel placement confuse you either. It is a simple game with simple features. With 1296 ways to win, the excitement is also fairly high.

The middle four reels have four symbols in them, and the other ones on the side have three symbols only. Yet it is a 5 reel slot, how? Basically, the four major reels are counted as only one. And that is where the confusion should end! So, it is easy to win here. Get two symbols on first and third reel, and one on any of the middle four columns – that is your three symbol win! So, in short, all you need is similar symbols on smaller reels and as many as in the middle ones to get better wins!

The wild symbol here is none other than Pixie Gold herself, a blonde fairy who substitutes all symbols except the King Star. She appears only on the third reel in the base game. The main and the only feature of this game is the free spin feature. Yes, you only get one free spin at a time, but the way it comes to you will make you go ‘Aww’. There is a tiny mouse at the bottom of the reels that is seen carrying a cart. He is not just a show piece, he is important! The mouse is on the move with his cart under the reels, and wherever he stops, if that reel has the King Star symbol in it, you get a free win! During this, the wild symbol can appear on reel 2 as well, and reel 3 will become the lucky reel for you!


The free spin feature might be limited, but is seen very often, and that is what makes Pixie Gold special. A slot which looks different and works almost the same way every slot machine does, but with a fairy little twist!

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