Plunder the Sea


Plunder the Sea is a card game that can bring an instant win to all of the players. It consists of two games that a player has to finish playing prior to asking for a new card. The first game is the matching one, where a player needs to find three symbols that are the same. The second game is a searching for the golden fish that is hidden in the chest full of treasure. A player receives just one payout, the highest one, for each card.

How to Play

Down and up keys are used to adjust the bet.
New card key is used to show 3 additional games.
A player then has to select the game he wishes.
Games’ payouts do not depend on each other.

If a player finishes the game successfully, he is paid and can continue playing another game.
If he loses, he can start another game.
Win field shows all the winnings.

Reveal all button is used to uncover all the symbols that are hidden automatically.
A player has to finish with every game before he can ask for the new card.
If he gets the winning combo, he will be paid per card.

In case there are more winning combos, only the highest is paid.


Plunder the Sea
This feature has two games, the order of which depends on the player. The first game consists of 6 panels that a player scratches in order to fine 3 symbols that match. He receives the highest payout per card. The second game consists of one treasure chest. If a player finds a golden fish when he opens the chest, then he receives a multiplier, which is used to multiply the entire amount that’s staked.

Game Rules

A player cannot place his bet on more than 1 card.
He can play the games, regardless of the order.
He has to finish all games prior to asking for another card.
Random bonuses are given whenever he selects different objects.
Bonus winnings shown have already been multiplied with the entire staked amount. A player sees only the bonus winnings.
Winnings are not dependent on the games. They are combined in a win field.
When a player finishes playing a game, the winnings are combined
The multiplier won multiplies the entire staked amount to determine the winnings. The entire credit amount is directly linked to this.
A player is paid in credits.
In case of malfunction, the games are cancelled.

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