Potion Commotion


Equipped with a bonus feature, called free games, Potion Commotion was designed to assist you in accumulating greater earnings by getting that lucky combo on the lines that you have already selected. The total sum you can earn builds on the number of coins used and the set value of the winning combo. This five reel slot game offers a theoretical return of 95.04% on average.

How to play

There are two keys, – and +, used for setting the preferred number of lines as well as the bet amount. There is also a button for maxing out these fields, which briskly sets the corresponding field to its maximum possible value.
Alternatively, you can opt for a line tag, found next to the reels that help you select how many lines you want to use in your game.
1) Spin – Engages the reels.
2) Autoplay – Locks the game into a mode that forces a continuous normal game mode that lasts for a preset number of spins. A single session can last anywhere from five to five hundred spins.
3) Info – When pressed depicts game rules and all the available winning amounts according to valid symbol strings achieved.
There are certain display fields also present for your convenience and this is what they do:
Balance – Depicts your available sum
Bet – Shows the wagered sum that a player can play per line
Lines – Tells you what lines you’ve picked to play
Win – Depicts the sum you’ve won per spin, or rounds
Total Bet – Depicts the bet that gets bigger as the number of played lines ramps up, which is to say – the entire sum that is at stake.
If the machine happens to operate aberrantly all winnings or spins lose their weight


This special feature becomes activated in the case of having Scattered Logo appearing more than three times in the window
If three Scattered Logos appear the player is granted access to 10 extra games
If four Scattered Logos appear the player gets 15 extra games
If five Scattered Logos appear the player gets 20 extra games
During the free games mode all winnings become worth triple their original amount
The player can trigger this mode numerous times
The lines and bet of the game that triggered the free mode are used for the duration of playing in the said mode
If you’re in for some additional gambling you always have the option to do so. If you feel lucky and want to gamble with a win, just press the corresponding key and proceed to choose either colour or suit, according to your preference. If you guess correctly you stand to either double your win, in the case of choosing the right colour, or quadruple the sum if you picked the right suit. A single payout can be gambled for five times at the max. Of course, no jackpot earnings may be gambled in this manner.

Game Rules

Choose anywhere between 1 and 20 lines to play
The Paytable is used for all payouts calculations
What you’ve wagered for each separate payline is used to enhance payline wins
The size of the sum wagered is used to multiply scatter wins, which are then simply adjoined to the sum of payline payouts
Only the most sizeable win is considered when calculating payline wins
If there happen to be numerous simultaneous wins across the paylines – they all get tallied up together
The left to right pay scheme accounts for all symbols except Scattered Logo which can go anywhere
All symbols can be represented with Vial, the only exception being Scattered Logo.

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