Premier Multi-hand Blackjack


This classic blackjack is played with 5 packs, each with standard 52 cards. The idea of this multi-hand gold series is to have a hand with higher value than that of the dealer’s. Alternatively, a player can win if the dealer’s hand’s value is higher than 21.

How to Play

A player can play 5 hands simultaneously at most.
If there are two cards with the same denomination, i.e. value, then a player can opt for a split. In case the first 2 cards are a hard hand, it is possible to double down, provided that the value of it is nine, ten or eleven. This option is not possible if the player has already split the cards.
A side bet, placed as insurance if a dealer gets a blackjack, is possible.
Surrender, to give up the hand, is not possible.
When he gets a hand worth 17, the dealer stands, i.e. does not draw cards anymore.
The size of the chips is selected using chip selection button.
Betting circle is used to set the bet amount.
In case a player wishes to raise the bet amount, he needs to press the bet he wishes to raise.
Holding a shift key and clicking on the bet will remove it or decrease the bet amount.
Rebet is used to set the same bet amount as previous game.
Clear bets is used to delete the bets from the table.
Deal gives a player two cards, and the dealer one, face-up.
Now, a player can choose what to do, depending on the cards he got:
hit- for another card,
stand- not to receive more cards,
split- to divide the hand into two, provided the cards have the same value (this option is allowed only once in a game),
double down( place a side bet that is the same as the regular one)
take insurance (if the dealer’s card that a player can see is an ace, the side bet can be placed to insure against the blackjack by pressing yes )
not take insurance (if the dealer’s card that a player can see is an ace, the side bet can be placed to insure against the blackjack, but a player can discard this by clicking no).
If the player and dealer’s hands are the same, i.e. push, the bet amount is returned.
Blackjack results in 3:2 odds, standard winning into 1:1, and insurance winning into 2:1

Game Rules

A player is allowed to bet 5 hands at most, by playing each individually.
Blackjack, as the strongest hand will automatically stand, when either a player or dealer gets it.
This is also the only win that is not possible to beat. It is possible to match it though, in which case it’s a tie and a bet amount is returned to the player.
King, queen and jack are valued at 10.
Ace is valued at 1 or 11.
The maximum cards that a hand can have is 11.
If there are 11 cards, and the value of the hand is still less than 21, the hand will stand.
If the value of the hand is 17, the dealer will not draw further cards.
If the value of the hand is 21, consisting of an ace and another card that’s worth 10, this is not considered a blackjack.
Double down means standing after another card has been dealt. It cannot be used after a split.
Insurance is valued as half of the bet that a player has staked originally. If the dealer doesn’t get a blackjack, the insurance fees are taken. If he has, then it pays at 2:1.

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