This rabbit venture by ELK Studios is a rare breed when it comes to usual slot gaming. There will be no cute bunny rabbit hopping here and there at Rabbit Royale. This slot also doesn’t have any cute colors and wondrous animations. Rabbit Royale is all about serious military style slot spinning with a bunch of heavy-duty bonuses. Join the fun to know what you have exactly on your hands. 

All Up for Rabbit Royale?

You can’t see a slot game like Rabbit Royale. It’s creepy and crude at the same time giving a horrific look all over the layout. There are green grass in the background picture but also a creepy looking house. The animations are quite furnished but the rabbits are military bunnies with strict functions. Nothing comes here with simplicity. You need to seriously earn all your winnings through the spins. It’s super easy to do these, but you need to make the spins first. So, are you ready for these bunny spins? The symbols of Rabbit Royale are in plenty. You don’t need to do anything complicated with these icons. They will do everything for their own and you just need to control the spins. So, the icons here are mainly rabbit and military themed. These will be poison bottles, sewing machines, booby traps, electric traps, some farmers both male and female, tractors, scatter icons and wilds. The mains are the wilds and scatters and they can make a ton of rewards even if you don’t know what you are doing. So, plan what you are doing and spin. 

Prizes of Rabbits

You don’t need to get worried about the slot bonuses of Rabbit Royale. They come in a bunch and give you a bunch of little quirks of wins. So, these are basically wilds in different shapes and formats. In addition to this, there will also be respins and free spins made by scatters. In such a game, these three bonuses make all the wins with a lot of high sounds and effects. So, you basically have to sit back and relax while you collect the bonuses. So, collect all these as soon as possible and deal with the fun! 

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