Red Hot Sapphires is a game from Infinity dragon studios and they really know how to make the spinners stay back a bit more late than usual. This is solely because of its widened graphics and its super performing reel set. The more you stick around here, Red Hot Sapphires will give you a lot more than the usual, that too in red hot. 

Red Hot Sapphires and its Reels

The slot of Red Hot Sapphires is not that spicy but the Las Vegas background is. This is a game for you to spin when the boredom is at its peak and your sweats too. The natural order to spin the game is to just go with the pace and make your entry via the cherries and the lemons. Once you fall in the track, everything will be quite entertaining and the rewards will start falling down. At this point, you won’t feel like stopping. That’s the catch of Red Hot Sapphires. So, let’s start spinning the symbols of Red Hot Sapphires and they begin with A to 10 playing cards and their low budget values. The high icons are cherries, lemons, dollar signs and some 777s for luck. All these icons are well placed inside a gold dripping border with a lot of sparkles. The buttons are also well placed as well as the logo of the game screaming everyone about the mass entry of the game. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily win the whole setup within a few minutes, if you practice. Only if you practice!

Now we will turn to the page where the bonuses sleep. So, there are wilds, Bank ‘em Multipliers, free spins, the very same Bank em Wilds, red hot sapphire bonuses and more. In between this, winning the game can be quite tricky. But it really isn’t that bad. If you have a proper scavenging route, then spinning the game will do a lot more than the spins. So, map down all the possibilities of Red Hot Sapphires and spin the reels accordingly. The game can also make some weird mobile friendly twists cause this is a mobile game too! 

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