Rhyming Reels – Hearts & Tarts


The main goal of this 5-reel slot game is to get the lucky string on one of the 30 available paylines that will bring the player some extra cash. With 300 coin slots, wild, multiplier and scattered symbols, as well as a bonus game, called free spins, Hearts and Tarts has everything a player needs to earn some real money.

How to Play

The amount of paylines is chosen by clicking on the lines field.
The size of the coins is adjusted using up and down keys.
The amount staked is adjusted using the coins field.
The amount staked is set to maximum automatically by using the bet max key.
The reels are spun using the spin key.
The winning string is shown as highlighted across the reels.
The amount of the winning combo is shown in the win field.

The winning amount is directly linked to the symbols that are shown on the payline.
Expert mode is equipped with additional Features that regular mode does not support: autoplay and 5/10 spin. Autoplay is used to set a sequence of games that are played consecutively for a pre-set amount of spins. The 5/10 spin is used to set a sequence of games that are played consecutively for 5/10 spins.
A player has a chance to check his top three winning strings and the number of spins he has played using the game statistics field.


The logo of the Hearts and Tarts
This symbol can be used to replace all others, except for the scattered symbol. When it is used as a replacement in the winning string, then it acts as a multiplier as well, doubling the winning string’s value.
When there are more of them on a selected payline, they can form their own winning string.


This symbol cannot be replaced by the logo of the hearts and tarts. If there are 2+ of them, scattered across the reels, the winning string is formed.
If there are at least three of them, then a bonus game is triggered.

Free spins

If there are 3+ symbols of the crown scattered on the reels, a player is rewarded with a bonus game, which includes 10 free spins throughout which all the regular winnings are doubled.

All the rules applying to the betting and paylines here are identical to the rules of the spin that triggered this feature.
This feature can be restarted while a player is playing one of the free spins, provided 2+ symbols of the pyramid appear. The additional free spins that a player gets are automatically combined with the rest of the free spins.
The logo of the hearts and tarts can be used to form a wild symbol stack. Another symbol can be used for it as well; it’s called the queen of hearts.

Throughout the free spin mode, the logo of the hearts and tarts acts as a wild, multiplier, quadrupling all the payouts from the winning strings where it is used as a replacement.

Game Rules

Maximum 10 coins per line can be staked.

The player receives just the highest string per enabled payline, except for the scattered winnings.
Bonus and scattered winnings are adjoined to the regular winnings.
All symbols follow the left-right rule, but for the scattered symbol.
Every payout table discloses the amount of coins which can be won for every possible combination made. The total amount of coins that gets paid is based on the coin amount a player bets per selected payline(s).

How many credits a player gets is based on the amount of won coins that is multiplied with the selected size of the coins. The formula behind this is: Coin Amount X used Coin size = credit sum
Regular winnings are determined through multiplication of the credit amount won and credit amount staked on each payline.
Scattered winnings are determined through multiplication of the type of the scattered symbols and the amount staked as a regular bet.
In case of any technical problems, the games are cancelled.

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