Where there is adventure, there is spookiness. That’s what you can call the game of Ritual Respins. This is a game where you can win a ton of bonuses with just some spooky reel rolls inside a tavern like setup. Nothings fancy here, but nothings that much spooky too. Now, if you start the spin, you will get to see more. So, that’s what you have to do here. 

Intro on Ritual Respins

Ritual Respins is a very different kind of a slot game with a spooky theme all from the beginning to the end. It is not that of a complicated game where there is only spookiness and not any rewards. Here, both are in a proper ratio and once you learn the basics of spinning, you can easily enjoy pretty much the whole game without any confusion. In the right side of the game, there will be a skeleton guiding you and the whole game is made with lots and lots of colors. So, ready for the blast and ready for the symbols? The sets of symbols here are divided into lows and highs. The lows being the playing cards of A to 10s and the highs will be spooky icons like potion bottles, books, skulls and voodoo dolls. Here, the voodoo dolls and the books will be the main bonus symbols and they can do pretty much anything if you start your spinning. Apart from this, there is this factor called ‘luck’ too. If you can find this, then there is no need to turn around and ask to wish you luck. The luck will come directly your way. The way the bonuses are made also makes Ritual Respins special. Here, there are only two main bonuses and these two are enough to get you the right and precise wins. In order to get these, you can either wait for luck or spin those heavy bonus symbols one at a time. Either way, the win will fall for you and you can easily win. 


If you are searching for a slot game that can feed you fear as well as bonuses, then Ritual Respins can do these both without any heavy spins! 

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