What you will see here at Rocco Gallo is a simple narrative between a cockerel and a fox trying to snatch the chicks away. With such a baby rhyme theme, the game excels in every perspective and makes the slot somewhat gamer friendly. You don’t have to do anything stupid to get to the levels here. Just mark your tactics down and start the spins. That’s all you have to do here. 

About Rocco Gallo

In this world of Italian fantasy, there lies one cockerel and a naughty fox. Rocco Gallo is all about these two characters and the slot reels over it. The game takes place in a wonderful, colorful Italian countryside with a lot of animations and sparkles to glitter over your eyes. There is no modification needed here at Rocco Gallo cause everything is already perfect. This includes the visuals, graphics and even the symbols. So, start the spin of Rocco Gallo and get the real deal behind Rocco Gallo and his journey of saving his kids. 

Notes on Icons

So, there are two sets of precious icons here at Rocco Gallo. These begin with low valued veggies and slowly rise to high valued chick icons. So, the veggie icons consist of broccoli, peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. The high symbols are chick icons in multiple colors. Using these icons, you need to plan ahead what you really want to earn from ​​Rocco Gallo. If you learn these spins, you can easily enter and conquer each and every level of this slot game. That’s for sure. It’s that easy. 

Notes on the Prizes and Bonuses

Rocco Gallo has some exciting bonuses made just for you. This includes a lot of instant prizes and respins. Instant prizes are now a thing and they cna make a lot of unexpected prizes like a massive payout of 100x. So, learn the basics of Rocco Gallo and get over the fear of spinning slot games. 

Last Remarks

Rocco Gallo has it all. You just need to initiate the spins and wait for the prizes to fall. So, begin your fun of following the rooster and the fox here at Rocco Gallo and win the entire fun.

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