Slot games don’t really update themselves but Rocky’s Gold Ultraways does that very frequently. That’s why it is one of the favorite online slot based games of this era. It is basically a mining themed slot game but with a dusty, wild-west kind of a layout and style. So, once you stop hovering around the basics, come right inside the game and spin! 

The Way to Win and Spin

Rocky’s Gold Ultraways has all the goody gold you can ever find in a slot game. The structure of the game is brilliantly made to attract a lot of its spinners and pro rollers. Once you get inside the game, there will be this dimly lit cave structure with lots of crystals hanging around on each of the corners. The miner figure can also be seen in the corner where he looks optimistic about the spins. While coming to the bonuses, it’s rather simple yet prolific. They know what to do and how to score. So, you don’t have to do anything extra hardworking. But if you want to win hard, then you need to play hard. This begins with the learning of the symbols. So, it begins with A to J playing card symbols which are basically low powered for the low wins. The symbols are mostly crystals with three and four colors. You need to love these icons to get a better hold of it. So, just learn the icons beforehand and then spin the game for a better win. For this, you don’t have to sweat a lot. Just roll and collect the wins. So, while coming to the wins, they are free spins, wilds, scatter based triggers and even some bonus wild options. For all these, you need to learn the bonus icons like the scatters to activate a combi-roll. If you can excel in this, the win will be all true and simple. You can even win multipliers with these symbols and their perfect spins. So, all you have to do here is learn and spin the crystal icons. Apart from these, there is nothing hard or twisty anywhere. That’s the speciality of Rocky’s Gold Ultraways and it’s reels and icons. 

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