Play n Go Studios has created yet another slot game that won’t bore you at all even if you are at the edge of getting bored. One such slot game is Ronin’s Honor. With this single slot game, the entire perspective of slot gaming will change and make your winning more fulfilled and powered. So, are you waiting for this to roll? 

About Ronin’s Honor

Have you read the feud between Ronin and Hannya? They are enemies and this is all about Ronin’s Honor. Once you get inside this slot game, their feud can be seen everywhere and the smell of blood can be aquired through the symbols. Even though Ronin’s Honor is simple, its a serious slot game that has etched a history. If you need to know this history thoroughly, you need to spin the slot game with all your power and stock adventure. So, are you up for a might feud between these two? Join them in the symbol county. The symbols and icons of Ronin’s Honor are not that new but they can make rewards easily. So, the low paying icons are like your usual A to J playing cards. But the high icons will be dagger icons, swords, spikes, shurikens and other fihting tools. There will also be some wilds and scatters to help you get those last bit of extra bonuses as well. In short, with these symbols, you can turn the game of Ronin’s Honor at its best without no extra burden. Now, Ronin is ready for portraying its rewards. There are three main sets of rewards here at Ronin’s Honor. The first one will be the wilds, second will be the mystery feature and the final one will be free spins. All these three are easily triggerable and once you trigger these, rewards will come right away without no further delay of any sort. So, Ronin’s Honor is now pumped up for all your spins. All you have to do is make some fun with the samurai swords and spin it up really fast. Ronin’s Honor is interesting, easy to play as well as not at all cliche. So, why waiting more and hard on these?

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