Sassy Bingo


This standard slot game has 5 reels, 9 paylines and just as many coin slots, which will enable a player to get that winning string across one of the paylines.
To increase the player’s chances, the designers of Sassy Bingo have included two bonus


, a bingo game and gamble, next to the wild symbol.
How much a player earns is directly linked to the type of the symbols found in the winning string.

How to Play

A player chooses the paylines by clicking the line number field.
He can adjust this amount by clicking down and up keys next to the lines field as well.

The up and down arrows found next to the staked per line button are used to set the desired size of the coins.

Spin is used to spin the reels.

Win field is used to show the payout from the winning string, which is highlighted across the reels.

AutoSpin is used to set a sequence of games (five, fifteen or twenty-five), that a player can play automatically, without interacting with the software.
Prior to clicking this button, he needs to select the bet amount.


Wild Ball
This symbol is used to replace all other symbols in order to form the winning string.

It cannot form the winning string on its own.

If there are 3+ symbols of the logo of the sassy bingo, then this bonus game is triggered.
A player is given a chance to earn as much as the x250 multiplier, by using the sets of cards and balls that have numbers of them.
There are 30 balls in one game per set.
There are 2 sets: 1) 1-75, that’s played using 5×5 cards and 2)1-90, that’s played using the 3×9 cards.
The player chooses which set he wants to use.
The balls are then drawn randomly.
If a player wishes to get a next card, then he presses the tickets button, whereas the turbo button is used to adjust how fast the game is played.

For gambling the winnings, a player has to use the gamble button and try to guess the right colour, which will double his winnings.
The limit for this feature is five per game, or sooner, provided that the preset limit has been reached.

This is an optional feature that is triggered by any winning.

Game Rules

One coin on each payline can be bet at most.

The player receives only one winning string payout per each payline.
In case there are several winning strings on a single payline, then he receives the payout from the most valuable string.

Winnings from the bonus game are combined with the regular ones.

All symbols follow either left-right or right-left order, i.e.
1 symbol from the winning string has to be either on the reel 1 or 5.
They also need to be lined up in a row, next to each other on the selected payline.

The paytable shows the amount of coins won per winning string.
The amount that is paid to the player is linked to the amount he stakes on each payline.

The amount won in coins is multiplied with the selected size of the coins in order to determine the amount of regular winnings.

How many credits a player wins is determined using the following formula: Coins amount x size of the coins used in the game = credits
If there are technical difficulties with the site, the payouts and plays are cancelled.

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