Looking for something beyond slot machines? Vegas Paradise hears you! Bringing to you a scratch card game – Scratch Volcano Eruption. A smooth blend of drama, entertainment and lots of wins, this scratch card game is what you need right now! Be a part of this explosive adventure as you scratch your way to amazing wins while having a great view of a gigantic volcano ready to erupt!

Scratch Volcano Eruption is fun and easy to play!

Do not get flown away with the molten lava, this game is the real deal! It has an easy gameplay that is supported by crisp graphics to give the players immense satisfaction and ample of reasons to return. This dramatic scratch card is very similar to the veteran paper scratch cards; the difference here is that you get lots of animations here to make the entire experience vibrant and playful.

Similar to paper scratch cards, here in a 3×3 grid you will have to scratch to reveal the hidden symbols. When you get three matching symbols anywhere in the grid, it is a winning deal. Now, it depends on you how to play. You can either go the traditional way of scratching the entire grid, or select the Reveal All option to see all the symbols at once. There is also an autoplay option where you can set your bets and sit back to see the scratch cards come one by one.

What you win depends on the symbols that come. The highest paying symbol is the dinosaur. When you get three or them on the scratch card, you win 1000 times your bet. Other decent paying symbols are the parrot, monkey, frog, butterfly and others. You will also come across the Volcano symbol. It is like the scatter symbol of a slot machine. When you get three of them, the Ladder bonus game is activated. In the bonus game, you can collect up to nine flame icons. Depending on the number of icons you collect, you get payouts, which are obviously high, highest being 50,000 on collecting 9 flames.


Scratch Volcano Eruption is one of the best scratch card games you will come across for your mobile devices. It has a return rate of 90.43% which is decent enough for a regular scratch card game. Generally, scratch card games have no bonus games and have only different paying symbols. Scratch Volcano Eruption is special because it has both!

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