You might have seen pirate themed slot games, but you sure won’t have seen or rolled a slot game like Shifting Seas. Even Though this comes under the pirate genre, everything has a matured element to it and this is what makes the game standout from the rest and of course from its contemporaries. So, let’s get to see what all it takes to spin this game. 

The Maneuvering of Shifting Seas

Shifting Seas is already on the top charts of slot games and there is a reason why. This is because of its super fashioned bonuses and other superior features. Right when you enter the game, the main canvas that the players can see will be a picturesque setting of a sea and some mountains in the back with a bit of greenish shades. The pirates are the main characters here so are the main characters of the spin reel. Since the animations are prolific, we don’t have to critique anything about it. The soundscape is also better than its contemporaries and really makes a vibe here while spinning. So, the symbols here will be A – J playing card icons which comes under low paying and the highs will be mainly pirate icons like the pirate himself, buccaneer, parrot and a captain icon. In addition to all this, there will also be scatters and wilds which will definitely help you during the bonus play section. Once you get the real hang of the play, then you can even spin the reels blindfolded. So, we will now see what all bonuses are here for you. So, it begins with wilds, then slowly rises to scatter falls which can make some free spins, then comes avalanche features which makes new sets of symbols and other raised up actions in the reels and many other random trigger functions as well. By using all these, it will be quite a fun ride at Shifting Seas. The main reason why you should spin this game is to break the boundaries of boredom and to get some fresh, tropical air from the sea and the island next to it. So, are you up for this pirate game ?

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