Sonic Links is something like a wildflower. You don’t know how rare it is until you near it. This slot has a lot of advantages and pro tips and once you master all this, you will be the king of Sonic Links. So, hop right in and try to get as much fun from this online video slot and prove you are the best. 

Let’s Talk the Basics

Sonic Links is a simple, fruit based online slot game from the house of Microgaming. Here, you won’t get to see much apart from some purple shades and some fruits. But that’s the catch. Once you begin your spins, you will get to see the sparkles and hidden features and bonuses coming right at your one by one. Therefore, let’s have a proper set of sitting with the game and try to learn all the corners of this game. You will get some super cool animations as well as graphics from here and this itself is needed to win properly. 

Icons and Others of Sonic Links

When it comes to the icons, Sonic Links is a sonic boom slot. Here, you get to see some colorful fruits waiting to get tumbled inside the spin cage. The layouts are superbly done and there is nothing unwanted here that can make you think again. The animations of the spins and tumbles are all fresh and the music is also quite pumping. Sonic Link’s icons are properly labeled and they won’t make any confusion during your spins or wins. So, just spin them and collect the wins. 

Bonuses of Sonic Links

You gamers will get to see a lot of sonic boom trademark bonuses here and this includes some Link and Win features, some free spins, some extra multipliers as well as some random prizes. If you combine your spins and make them double, the winning will get enabled. That’s all you have to do here to win. So, are you up for this Sonic Boom slot ?


You should definitely spin this slot of Sonic Links at least once to know how powerful it is. It’s built with a lot of super layers and spin it through them and win them all. 

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