Space Enigma takes the players out on a gambling tour whilst exploring outer space. It can be availed at Vegas Paradise. 

Game features

The game is based on a theme in the Milky Way. The players gear up for an unforgettable experience in outer space as everything in Space Enigma is related to the celestial world. Beginning right from the background featuring an instantly familiar sky. 

5 reels and 3 rows constitute the slot which is filled with the cards. The cards or symbols of gemstones, too which are used in the game, follow the space theme. The low paying symbols consist of gemstones in the following colours –

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Purple

Whereas, the higher paying gemstones are –

  • Red – Multiplying the current stake by 12 times
  • Yellow – Multiplying the current stake by 50 times 

The basic concept of the game involves creating a combination of 5 gemstones in a row. As the payouts follow a dual series combination, it is important to form them within a reel so that higher earnings can be retained. 

Special features

The most special feature of the game is undoubtedly the payout scheme. As Space Enigma pays for combinations formed in both directions, that is – from left to right and from right to left. The probability of a higher payout increases by several times in case the slot is filled with gemstones of the same colours. 

Due to this characteristic, the players have a chance of earning upto 50 times the current in one direction. If both ways are considered, 100 times the stake can be availed. Owing to a fixed value reward method, players can even multiply their existing stakes to a maximum of 1000 times. 

Bonus features

Space Enigma comes along with two bonus features namely –

  • Wild symbol
  • Respin 

The wild card or wild feature is a gemstone, cut in the shape of a star. It appears in both the trial and real money versions. Out of the 10 paylines, it appears only in the central second, third and fourth reels. When the Wilds lands on any of those places, it increases in size and takes up the entire middle column, thereby leading to a respin opportunity for the player. This respin can be activated instantly. If another star symbol is displayed, the player gets one more respin. This sequence continues up to three turns. And the player can earn the multiplier benefits through consecutive respins and appearance of the wild symbols.


Overall, the game is worth playing due to its enchanting theme and respin bonus features that result in a fun experience for the players. 

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