Spanish Eyes


One way to describe Spanish Eyes would be that it looks favorably upon the player. Having the median return to player ratio at 95.13% only serves to underline that sentiment. Here is a slot game with five reels and implemented extra features, going that extra mile so as to raise the amounts the player can accrue through playing. For this to happen, the player needs to acquire a valid winning symbol combination. And this can be achieved using any available line. The earnings reflect the amount spent on the game in coins and the preset value of accomplished symbol combinations.

How to Play

In order to alter the values associated with the lines as well as the bet, the player can use the – and + toggles. If the player doesn’t want to bother with modifying the values and wants the process automated, they can use the Max toggle to instantly raise either or both lines and bets to their limit values. Using the toggles found at the side of the reels the player is able to choose what number of lines is to be put into play by tagging the number of desired lines.
Spin: The reels are put into action.
Info: Discloses the game rules and shows what the valid combinations and symbol strings are.
Autoplay: Puts the game into a normal play mode loop that lasts for a set duration, as decided upon by the player. The player might end up playing all five hundred games, which is the limit for this button.
The fields used for displaying all the various data important to the game are discussed below:
Balance – The full sum available to the player is shown here.
Bet – The sum put on each chosen line is shown here.
Lines – Shows how many lines have been selected for play.
Win – Shows how much you’ve won after the spin has been completed
Total Bet – Being comprised of the multiplied bet, in accordance with the number of played lines – this represents the whole sum that is being gambled.
All respective payouts and plays are rendered inconsequential in the case of system operation impairment.


Free Game Mode –
This mode is switched on by having at least three Scattered Flower symbols arranged from left going to right.
At the very onset of the activation, the player is granted twelve free games with tripled awards.
This mode can be unlocked multiple times.
The values that were used for setting the lines and making the bet during the game that unlocked the free mode are used again for this particular mode.
Select and win mode –
This particular feature gets unlocked if Girl shows up in any place on the first and fifth reels.
The player can then choose between the available instances of the said symbol to get an award, out of which one may see the player prompted to pick again.
In this mode the player can receive a sum a hundred times over the original bet that led to the activation of this feature.
Anything won during this time gets multiplied against the original feature-activating bet.
This particular feature has a chance to be unlocked during the above discussed Free Games mode but there is no X3 modifier to be had in that case.
Gamble Feature (where present) –
The player can choose to gamble with their winnings. This feature has them making a choice between suit or colour, and then having them produce a correct guess afterwards in either scenario. If the player answers correctly with regard to colour the winnings get doubled. If they choose the right suit the winnings become quadrupled. The player can continue gambling with a single winning five times in sequence. And they are not allowed to gamble with any progressive jackpot winnings (if enabled).

Game Rules

The player can play from one up to twenty five selectable lines.
The Paytable determines the payouts.
The sum put on each payline multiplies any associated payline wins.
The full sum being wagered is used to multiply scatter wins, which in turn simply get transferred onto the payline winnings amount.
Only the largest payouts are taken into account per payline.
If simultaneous wins occur across different paylines, they all get turned into a joint sum.
Besides Scattered Flower, no other win occurs outside selected lines.
All the symbols in play adhere to the left to right rule where pay is concerned. This includes Scattered Flower.
Girl acts as a stand-in symbol for every symbol in the game aside from Scattered Flower.

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