For those who were there when the gaming world was just taking its first steps, there are few slot games that would induce a wave of nostalgia. One of such few games is Spectra, a game developed by Thunderkick. Read on to see what Thunderkick has in store for gamers in this iconic game.

About the Developer

Thunderkick is a slot developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. This developer is new in the world of online slot game development. As a result, Thunderkick has just a handful of games to its name. Despite this, the games offer a lot in awesome features and interesting gameplay.

About the Game

Spectra is a game with five reels, three rows, and thirty fixed paylines. The design of the game is simple and it displays telltale signs of game construction in the 1970s. The reels and symbols are constructed from neon lights of multiple colours. The game also has a distinctive soundtrack that is reminiscent of gaming in the 70s.

The symbols in Spectra are basically classic slot symbols. They include bars, red sevens. Clovers and bells. The symbols of lower value are different geometric shapes with the neon lighting of different colours. They include red pentagons, green squares, blue triangles, blue circles and purple diamonds.

The wild in Spectra is the ‘W’ neon symbol with multiple colours. The wild is usually stacked and can be used to replace any of the other symbols in the game. There are no scatters and bonus symbols in this game.

There is only one bonus feature in Spectra and this is the wild respin feature. This feature is activated when the wild lands on the reels. It could also be activated if the wild lands off the reels but next to an active payline. After the payouts, the stacked wilds would move to the center of the reels and you would be given a free spin and a wild. This continues for a while till the wilds get to the center of the reels. When this occurs, the bonus round comes to an end.


Spectra is a game that doesn’t offer much in complex designs and multiple features. However, this is necessary in order for the game to adequately portray those early days of humble beginnings. The RTP of this game is 96.40%, giving the house an edge of 3.60%. With this, getting a win would not be so difficult

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