Speed Baccarat A Live is a product from Evolution Gaming. It was released early in 2017 and was from the outset designed to eliminate all the bothersome, time-wasting and useless features found in standard baccarat. Speed Baccarat A Live thus has enough speedy action packed within.

A vivid example of its emphasis on speed can be seen from the fact that gameplay lasts for a very short 27 seconds, rather than the 48 seconds on other baccarat games made by Evolution Gaming. Helping make this live dealer game one of the fastest around is the fact that no fancy gameplay mechanics like multi-camera views, lots of feed angles, a squeeze option and such like that can usually be found on other similar games are supported. Instead, the overriding emphasis here is on speed and more speed!

Speed To Glory With Speed Baccarat A Live!

Speed Baccarat A Live makes use of standard baccarat rules. 8 decks of cards are used during gameplay and the action is streamed from company studios located in Latvia.

Gameplay starts once both the player and banker get a couple of face-up cards from the dealer. The betting period in Speed Baccarat A Live lasts just 12 seconds, with any player who is not fast enough in making bets forced to wait out the round.

Should a third card be required during gameplay, the dealer draws it at once without any waiting around. Once all cards have been dealt, the results are announced by the dealer.

There are just three possible results here: the player wins, the banker wins or tie. Wins are speedily paid out and players are given 12 seconds to place wagers that will see them play the following round.

Final Thoughts

Speed Baccarat A Live surely lives up to its name by having gameplay mechanics that are just too fast enough. HD streams of great quality, a constant flow of thrills and action and accessibility on both mobile and PC brings this game to much admire. Overall, this appears to be just-perfect for Baccarat lovers looking to deeply immerse themselves in the game and access all the light-fast thrills their bodies can stand!

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