Steam ahead with Steam Tower

If you have been a fan of victorian era based games, then NetEnt has yet another game that can probably get into your list of must plays. Steam Tower is a steampunk themed slot game with a fiery theme that can thrill its players. The game is hosted on an industrial set up and is progressive in nature. This 5 reel and 15 paylines slot game has some really flexible stake amounts and is playable from just 15p to £ 150 per spin.

Game Theme

The game is all about a damsel in distress locked on the highest floor of a steam tower, guarded by a dragon. You need to spin the reels to keep progressing one floor after the other, and by doing so, you get a really good reward with multipliers and an awesome free spins feature. The game can be deemed to be progressive and mildly challenging once you go six floors and above, because the odds of getting a winning payline keeps decreasing as you go higher. If your aim is to fill up your wallet, playing this slot game repeatedly and not paying much attention to your progress might just work out. But if you want to rescue the Damsel in distress on top of the Steam Tower then you are going to need some luck.

Game Features

Steam Tower is a progressive game and the progressive feature that goes with it is a level multiplier. Having 16 floors, the game offers a 2x multiplier from levels 1 to 3, 3x multiplier from 4 to 6, 4x multiplier from 7 to 9, 5x multiplier from 10 to 12, 6x multiplier from 13 to 15 and a 7x multiplier on the 16th and topmost floor.

Besides this the game also offers stacked wilds and free spins. Out of these, the stacked wilds need special attention as they are the key to your floor progression. Stacked wilds not only substitute for symbols, they also trigger free spins and take you to higher levels in the game.


Steam Tower is a pretty exciting game to play. It has a 1000 coin Jackpot in the final level and getting there can be quite exciting and challenging. You can also get 2000x your stake if you get stacked wilds on every reel. The graphics and soundtrack are pretty good, but the best things in the game are its progressive nature and theme.

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