From the title itself the intention of the game is clear. This intention would be to make wins for the gamers as fast as it can. In reality, Sugar Bonanza Deluxe is a game that can be spun even with the gamer’s eyes closed. Since everything is fixed at its place, winning won’t be an issue at all here. So, dare to try luck here? 

 The Slot of Sugar Bonanza Deluxe

Don’t underestimate the game of Sugar Bonanza Deluxe as a cute slot game with no bonuses. The entire game is made up of a strong, powering layout with a lot of superb animations and layout structures. The first thing that you will notice here will be the colors and the candies and toffees. All these are well above your usual, casual animations and graphics. The developers have certainly nailed on this and this is what you get from Sugar Bonanza Deluxe right till you end the play. Now, while coming to the spinning module, there are a ton of symbols as well that are also juicy. The symbols of Sugar Bonanza Deluxe are made inside a candy cane like a frame with all the colors from the candy world. They range from high to low and even some bonus scatters are also there to win you good. So, the symbols consist of cherries, plums, pears and some strawberries. There are candies like stars, hearts, triangles and even squares. With all these bonus icons, you also get some high sounding bonus icons like the scatters too. Now, let’s engage in some bonuses shall we? There are two main features here and they are the multipliers and the free spins. There is also a bonus buy feature that can make you more goods in the coming levels. If you land your bonus scatters and other heavy symbols over a row, these bonuses will get activated. Apart from this, you don’t have to do anything heavy. So, as a conclusion note, let me say, if you want more from winning and rewards, you can spin up the game of Sugar Bonanza Deluxe to get all the goodies and good stuffs like candies as well as candy wins.

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