It’s gonna be a festival of multiple slot games made by NetEnt because is a mix of everything wonderful made by the same provider. You have a lot of your favorite slot game characters and their spinning in this slot game. So, take a long leave from your work and start indulging in this great collaboration of everything superb. 

It’s time to welcome the Superstars

The game here is a lot different from your usual spinning friends. Superstars is made from all your favorite slot games made by NetEnt and the fun only begins with your spins. In the background here, you can see a basic casino slot setup with light and dark colors shimmering and sparkling every once in a while. The real deal gets initiated when you start the spins. Superstars have a lot of wide set animations and graphics also. That will fetch you some good prizes too. So, instead of making you something usual and ordinary, Netent has done a lot bigger and better. So, begin the spin right away to immerse yourself in all these. So, are you ready to witness the spinning symbol? So, these will be main characters of each game starting from Miss Banks, Gonzo, Starburst, Brute and ending with Finn. Apart from these, there will be some extra rewaridng icons like scatters and dices too. The sole reason why Netent made such a slot is to make it popular and better by bringing all their super characters under one single roof. Through this, the fun will also get doubled. Now while moving to the bonuses, they will be a lot. Starting from free spins to extra spins, bonus buy features to many more. There is also a final game feature that you can spin and won’t get bored at any time. With such a wide selection winning is always better and good here at Superstars. So, once you done with looking and experience the beauty of the game, glide onto the bonuses and start making some combinations. Once you do this, nothing will be the same ever again. So, its all good and ok to spin and make some rewards right here on this superstars game!

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