Terminator II


Terminator 2 is a slot game with five reels, 300 coin slots and many additional Features, such as bonus games, called free spins and T-800 vision, and paytable achievements.
With 243 paylines that are set for good in the regular mode, and 1024 set paylines in the free spin mode, the goal of getting that winning string seems attainable for every player.
The money the player receives from the winning string is linked to the type of symbols found in the winning string.

How to Play

A player can adjust his betting using the bet button.

A player can set the desired size for the coins using the up and down buttons.

A player can set the desired amount by using the coins button.

A player can use spin key to start the game and spin the reels.

A player can see how much he has earned from the winning string in the win field.

The winning string will be highlighted across the reels.

A player can use an autoplay key to set a number of games for a certain number of spins.
These games will be played automatically, without making further adjustments.


A symbol of T2 is a wild symbol, used to replace all the other in order to form the winning string.
This type of wining string is not registered as the achievement.

It cannot be used to replace the scattered symbol, and T-1000 symbol which is found in the free spin mode.

It can also form the winning string on its own provided there are several of them displayed on the payline.

This is a scattered symbol, used to form the winning string, provided there are at least two of them across the reels.
It also serves as a free spins activator, when 3+ orbs are displayed.
While in the T-800 vision bonus game, only one orb symbol is needed in order to trigger the free spins feature.

It cannot be replaced by the T2 symbol.

T-800 Vision Bonus Game
This bonus game is triggered randomly, after the player spun the reels but did not receive the winning string.

The symbols of T-800, John Connor, Terminator and Sarah Connor bring the bonus amounts, hence why they are targeted.

When in this bonus game, 1 symbol of the orb is enough to trigger free spins feature.

Free Spins
This bonus game is triggered if there are 3 + symbols of the orb, or 1 if the player is playing the T-800 vision bonus game.
The player gets 10 free spins, during which hot mode can be triggered randomly, thus enabling the player to earn more money, as more winnings strings appear while in the hot mode.
T-1000 symbol finishes the most valuable winning string during the spin.

The bonus game cannot be played while in the free spin mode.

The betting and paylines valid for the spin which activated the feature are valid here as well
Paytable achievement feature
This feature uses the paytable to show player’s winnings by highlighting the symbol strings that have won.

If a player has 3 strings of a certain symbol, he will see the highlighted symbols on the paytable, while he is playing games in the regular mode.

These highlighted achievements will be set permanently on the paytable, even if the player exits the game.

Game Rules

A player can bet only ten coins for each spin.

There are 243 pay-ways that are permanently set.
This number increases to 1024 while the player is in the free spins mode.

In case of technical difficulties, the games and payouts are cancelled.

Each coin that a player stakes is multiplied with a multiplier that is 30 coins worth.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked.

The amount of credits that a player gets is directly linked to the amount of coins he wins multiplied with the size of the coins that he selects.
Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.

If a player gets more than one winning string with different symbols on each payline, then he receives all of the winnings.
If the winnings are of the same symbol, then he receives the winning string that has the highest value.

If there are 2+ winning strings on different paylines, a player will be paid for every string.

All symbols pay left-right, but for the scattered ones that can pay in any direction.

The type of the scattered symbols of the winning string is multiplied with the entire staked bet in order to determine the scattered winning.

Scattered winnings are combined with regular ones.

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