If you are someone who loves time travel and also conscious about time management, then you really should spin the game of Time Spinners. Made by Hacksaw gaming and their special magic, Time Spinners won’t make any unwanted fuss while making you spin their time reels. With all this being said, it’s time to spin the game of Time Spinners right now, right this minute. 

A Brief Info on Time Spinners

Everything including the spins of Time Spinners is happening inside a dungeon-like place where there are spider webs and old planks of wood. Stone paved walls can be seen and chains are hanging from them. Here, you can also see the symbol set with the same color tone of the stone pavings. Nothing is cliche here and as you progress with the spinning, you will also get some space to think and plan for the bonuses that might hit any minute. So, plan for that too and spin the game with a timely punctuality. 

The Symbols of Time Spinners consist of lows as well as highs. The low set can only make some menial wins but the highs are the main goal here. So, the low set starts with some clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds, just like the usual playing card icons. The high icons will be a book, scroll icon, an hourglass icon as well as gyroscope. In addition to these, there is a wild icon as well. Since all these symbols are in a place where it is clearly visible, you can’t miss anything out. All these icons are pretty bonus giving as well. So, don’t worry about winning. Now, coming to the bonuses, they include multipliers, borrowed time bonuses and a bonus buy feature as well. All these are pretty minimal bonuses that get activated with your bonuses. There is nothing else to chase down here. If you spin and make combinations, you get the win. That’s the easiest explanation that you can get from Time Spinners. 

Are you ready for this time bound game? In a way, spinning the slot of Time Spinners can give you a lot of entertainment considering everything is time bound and you should spin every reel before the time ends. So, start the count now!  

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