Timelines has a variety of levels to prove that you are the best of the best gamer. Here, you can see some of the clearest forms of time dilation animation. You don’t have to be a pro at science to know all these. Just run through the demo of Timelines and catch some timeless gems. Buckle up for the video mobile slot of Timelines and get all the time travel crystals. 


The game of Timelines is a superb, time travel, science fiction kind of a slot game with variable levels and quirks. The main page has all this time-travel, whirlpool kind of a background and stunning visuals. At first glance, it may feel like an outer space slot game with a lot of asteroids coming your way. The animations of slot spinning as well as the refresh rates are all great and they don’t have much to do with your spins. If you spin, you win. That’s the motto of Timelines. 

Symbols, Icons and their Values

Timelines have these sparkly symbols ready to get tumbled just for you.These are of low valued ones as well as high valued. The lows are gems and the high symbols are spaceships and other sciency things. You can’t name them with a definite order but they are really cool in shape. Apart from this, there are special bonus symbols like wormholes and diamonds which will help you in the long run. Once you feel ready here, you can quit the demo mode and start playing the actual game with the actual bet. 

Now coming to the bonuses, they are also tightly packed and can make some super intergalactic bonuses. The central one would be the free spin. If you land three wormhole symbols in a row, the win will come your way. Just like that, if you spin some diamonds, you can get up to 4000x rewards. Isn’t that fun!

Closing Remarks

If you are looking for something special, then you can spin and win the video slot of Timelines. It won’t make you bored like others and even if you play for hours, it will be having the same fun again and again. 

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