Treasure of the Pyramids

While everyone has a particular video slot game they prefer, there are lots of new and exciting games on the market each year. One of these games sure to spark the interest of gamers everywhere is Treasure of the Pyramids.

Taking players on a journey back in time through the ruins of Ancient Egypt, Treasure of the Pyramids offers up to a 25 line payout per spin. Join the splendor of the Pharaohs and primeval Egyptian relics emphasized within the game play. Players set out on a mission to claim their stake and portion of the coveted Egyptian treasure with Treasure of the Pyramids.

As soon as players place their bets, they can begin their journey to earning countless rewards. Payouts can be earned through each pay line. The payouts occur once a spin aligns matching symbols directly on the pay line or with a neighboring reel. With up to 25 different pay lines available, player odds are increased with each spin. Gamers can bet anywhere from one cent to five cents per pay line, allowing for both low level and high level betting. Should players wish to heighten their chances, the Max Bet option allows for high roller styled bets to be placed with each spin.

Beyond the various pay line options and Max Bet feature, Treasure of the Pyramids also boasts the Egyptian Eye graphic, which signifies a “wild card” amongst each pay line. The Egyptian Eye improves the odds players have to hit on each pay line. Players should also take notice for the Green Scarab symbol to appear during game play. The Green Scarab symbol will trigger bonus play, gifting a series of free spins to bettors. Free spins are an excellent way for players to increase their winnings without having to put down additional bets.

The colorful and bright symbols are just one of many features that make the game appealing to bettors everywhere. Aligned with sparkling gold columns and treasure along the pay screen, Treasure of the Pyramids most certainly is visually pleasing to all.

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