Are you bored of slot games that show fake Irish formats? Treasure Trove is not a game that shows the fake but everything here is real and more over green. Once you get inside the track of spinning the game, you can literally do anything here to win the game. So, trick yourself into playing the game of Treasure Trove and enjoy the treasures.

The Body of Treasure Trove

The body of Treasure Trove is green and covered with lots of surprises. With each spin that you throw at the reels, you can be near the winning one step at a time. But don’t consider this game as a little cute one that can’t do a lot. If you spin the game with all your fury, you can get anything from here. Apart from this, there is a lot of animations and graphics to sulk in before giving your best spin. Treasure Trove is not another Irish wonder slot. It’s a game that can be only cracked if you spin it up well. Now, let’s go to the world of symbols. You gamers don’t have to decode these symbols high to uncover their secrets. They don’t do much apart from spinning. But what they do more will be the free spins and the extra creases of winnings. So, these are some sevens, some bar icons, some horseshoe icons, clovers and even hearts. There is a leprechaun wild as well as a golden pot one for extra luck. The main agenda here will be to spin all these without hitting each other making further confusions. Now, off to the bonuses right? These are some well made Irish bonuses and they begin with your wilds and free spins. Nothing fancy is here and minimal spins can activate them. Take note of the golden pot features because they are the star here making up to 166x and more. So, that’s all about the symbol and bonus structure of Treasure Trove. Now what is remaining are your spins over the reels of Treasure Trove. So, make a map of what all treasures that you want to find and roll accordingly to win the maximum hidden treasures.

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