The game of Wild Trigger is made up of a lot of wild west levels and once you get inside the main gaming section, you will know how deep the game is. There are some crazy gaming levels for you to choose from and with the two bandits and you, it will be some huge fun. So, let’s roll the game of Wild Trigger now and get as many rewards as possible. 

The Wild Trigger

The road towards adventure will always be shaky but once you get to the end of it, it will be definitely worth it. That’s the same with the online video slot of Wild Trigger. The game has a lot of superb narrations and once the two bandits, Clint McGraw and Dottie Fields come, it will be even more awesome. So, get all your fun and fancy out right now and try to spin the game of Wild Trigger with all the power that resides in you. It’s going to get a very special wild west now. 

Let’s see what all Icons are here.

Now, coming to the symbols and icons, they too are wonderfully sculpted for a machine precision win. You don’t have to map it down because all the symbols are distinct on their own. Once you get to the symbol tray, you can see some A to J labeled playing card icons. Then there will be these high symbols like pistols, hats, boots, dynamites, whiskey bottles and more. The special symbols are incorporated with these and you don’t have to search for them specially. Once you get the flow of the game, just spin it. That’s all. 

Features and Bonuses of Wild Trigger

The main two features of Wild Trigger are spin related. These are respins and free spins. Wilds create all these features and you don’t need to do a driving permit kind of a test to tackle these. Just spin them and get them. 

Last Words

Once you start feeling the play of Wild Trigger, you will definitely fall for it. That’s for sure. So, pace yourself and get to the core of this game to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s how you game a slot right here at wild town. 

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