Wildcat Canyon


With five reels and two additional features, free games and respin, this slot game will surely increase player’s chances for winning that lucky string on the lines he has selected. As a theoretical return goes up to 95.46% on average, a player’s success is virtually granted. The money that he will receive from the lucky combo will be in direct proportion to the money he invested as well as the type of symbols that he got.

How to play

+ and – keys are used to set the desired bet.
Max key is used to automatically set desired bet to the maximum.
A tag line key, next to the reels, is used to set the desired number of lines.
Spin is used for reel spinning.
Info contains game rules and possible awards.
Autoplay is used to automatically set a sequence of games that are in a normal mode, with the five hundred being the maximum number of rounds, i.e. spins, and five being the lowest.
Balance shows a player how much money he has in total.
Win shows a player how much he has won per spin.
Lines show a player how many lines he has selected to play.
Bet shows a player how much money he has staked on a line.
Total bet shows a player how much money he has wagered in total.
In case of technical difficulties, no payments or games are to be paid/played.


Gambling if applicable

A player can gamble his win by pressing the gamble key and then picking up either the right colour, that doubles the win, or the right suit, that quadruples the win. This feature is available only for five times to all the winnings, but for the jackpot ones, which cannot be gambled at all.

Free games

When a player sees 3+ symbols of a pawprint that are scattered, then he can activate the feature that enables him to play games for free at the lines.
A player can select how many games he wants to play for free: five, ten or fifteen. If he selects five, then his winnings will be increased ten times; if he selects ten, then his winnings will be increased five times, and if he selects fifteen, the winnings will be tripled. This rule only applies if the winnings were with the wildcat substitute.
A player is also given a chance to use his betting skills of the game that is considered triggering.
A player can restart this feature throughout the games for free and wildcat respin.
In case a retrigger occurs, a player can choose how many games he wants to play again, after he has finished playing the games for free.

Game Rules

Pawprint is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the wildcat, which is found only on the second and fourth reels. It is also the only one that can pay in both directions, whereas all the others have to follow a left to right order and they must appear on the lines that a player has selected.
A player has the right to choose up to twenty five lines.
Paytable is used to calculate the payouts.
The complete sum wagered is used to multiply scatter wins, which are then clumped together with payline wins.
Only the highest win is used for all the paylines that a player has selected.
Concurrent wins across paylines will be summed up.

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