Begin your search across the entire solar system for the precious Nebula Stones with the Gems Odyssey online game. The game possesses a levelling system of its own and there are various opportunities to win additional rewards. This certainly adds to the entertainment level of the game. Start playing the Gems Odyssey game for real money at Vegas Paradise today.

Insight into Gems Odyssey

The game has been described as highly appealing to the eye and it can be played by filling the gem bar with 7 gems. There are 2 modes from which the players can select to play. In one mode, which is the Artificial Intelligence mode, the clusters are automatically blasted. The other one is the manual mode. In the manual mode, the player has to choose which cluster would he like to blast. There are various bonus features in the game as well.

Special Features

Nebula Stones- 4 types of Nebula Stones are featured in the game. Each of these has a varied range of rewards. These 4 are Rare, Epic, Mythical and Common. When the player is able to successfully blast a cluster of Nebula Stone Tiles, he will be granted a stone. The Nebula Stones in Gems Odyssey are stored in the inventory of the player and once the player moves on to the next level, these can be traded for real money rewards.

Levelling Up – Whenever a tile gets blasted, the player wins a single point in the direction of levelling up. These tiles, however, do not include the jackpot or nebula tiles. The player shall then move on to the next level when he successfully gains a certain number of points.

Second Chance Feature – During a non-winning game, the player will be randomly able to trigger a free game. However, you cannot retrigger this feature.

Jackpot Feature – A reward which is equal to 1000x the bet value will be given on blasting a cluster of jackpot tiles.

Summing Up

The theme of the Gems Odyssey game is pretty high-end and designed in a way which attracts the eye of the players. The manual mode of the game is quite interactive and the players cannot enjoy the same with standard slot games. The player will be having a bit of a control on the likely outcome. If you are lucky and possess some patience, you can win well in this game. The bonus features turn out to be highly rewarding and they keep you highly entertained.

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