Gold Factory


Gold Factory’s main goal is to have a player get that lucky sequence of symbols that will get him the winning. The sequence is played on up to 50 lines that a player has already selected. The chances of winning increase knowing that this 1000-coin slot game is equipped with several additional bonus games, including gold factory, free spins and reactor.

How to Play

Line number is for adjusting the number of lines. Select lines is for raising the number of lines.
Down and up buttons are for selecting the size of the coins. Select Coins is used for adjusting the bet amount. Bet Max is used for selecting the maximum bet amount automatically.
Spin is used for reel spinning.
Win field is used to display how much a player has won.
The winning is seen across the reels; it is highlighted.
Automated plays in the normal game mode for a predefined number of spins are set using the autoplay button.
Statistics display the important details regarding the current game, such as the top three winnings and how many spins the player has played. This data is lost once the player leaves the game.


Logo of the Gold Factory

This is a wild symbol, which is used to replace all others, but for the scattered one. If there are several of them lined up on the payline, then the winning string is formed.

Bonus Coin

If there are 2+ of these symbols scattered across the reels, then they form a winning string. If there are 3+ of them, then another feature, called bonus game gold factory, is triggered. It cannot be replaced by the logo of the gold factory.

Gold Factory

This feature is activated when there are 3+ scattered symbols of the bonus coin. The player gets a chance to win as many as 619000 coins. All he has to do is select 4 out of 12 containers found in the boiler room. They will either bring in the bonus amount, or activate another bonus game called reactor. In addition, they can also trigger the bonus game called free spins. If a player gets one of these bonus games, and he wins in it, then he is automatically sent back to the boiler room so that he can finish selecting other containers.

Free Games

While the player is playing in the gold factory mode, he can run into the symbol of free spins, which will trigger this feature, allowing him to play free spin games for a random number of times, which is determined by the 2-digit number found on the screens.
The betting is the same as in the spin that activated this feature.
These bonus games cannot be restarted while playing in the free spin mode.


If there is a symbol of the reactor in one of the containers in the boiler room, then this feature is activated, allowing the player to uncover bonus amounts that are placed randomly in 12 chambers. If the player finds the symbol of the malfunction, the game is over. But he will receive a 1x multiplier for all the uncover bonus amounts, which will be used to multiply the whole bet amount.
The player wins all the winning bonus amounts.

Game Rules

A player can bet just 20 coins on every payline.
All symbols pay following the left-right order, except for the scattered one, which can pay in any direction.
The highest sum won per selected payline is the one that is taken into account.
Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.
Paytables show the amount won per string. The entire credit amount is directly linked to the credit amount staked on each payline.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.
The winnings from the scattered symbols are obtained through the multiplication of the type of the scattered combo with the entire amount staked on the regular bet.
Bonus and scattered winnings are combined with the regular ones.
All games and winnings will be stopped if there are some technical issues.

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