Good to Go


Enhanced with addition features, including the free spins and gambling, Good to Go has 5 reels, 9 paylines as well as 90 coin slots which will enable the player to get that lucky string on the payline that he himself has selected. How much he wins is directly linked to the type of the winning string he gets.

How to Play

In order to choose the amount of paylines for the game, the player uses a line number.
In case he wants to increase it, then there is a select lines button that he can use.
The size of the coins is chosen by using down and up keys, whereas the amount of coins for the bet is increased by clicking select coins button.
The bet max serves to automatically set the bet to its upper limit, which will automatically spin the reels.
Spin is used for reel spinning.
The win box shows how much a player has won for each string.
There are 2 modes for playing, expert and regular. Expert comes equipped with two additional features, autoplay and spinx5/10. The autoplay is used to arrange a sequence of games to be played for a certain amount of spins. The spin 5/10 button feature does the same, but for 5 or 10 spins.


Pit Girl

This is a wild symbol, used to replace all the others, except for the scattered one. When there are several of these symbols lined up in a row across the reels, then a player has a winning string.


This symbol can appear anywhere across the reels. If there are at least two of them, then a winning string has been formed, provided that they appear on the consecutive reels. In addition, they also trigger free spin mode, when there are 2+ of them across the consecutive reels. In the regular mode, it pays following the left-right rule. In free spin mode, it pays in any direction.
It can’t be replaced with the wild symbol.

Free Spins

If there are 2 symbols of the speedometer across the consecutive reels, then this feature is triggered, which provides the player with 3 free spins.
The rules that apply to the spin that activated this feature are applicable to free spins as well.
While in this mode, a scattered symbol can be shown anywhere across the reels and still form the winning string.
All scattered symbols, including the ones that triggered free spins, are held. If there are 5 of the scattered symbols held, when it is the end of the free spins, then the scattered winning that is the most valuable will be repeated 3 times.
If there’s a scattered symbol while in the free spin mode, then the spins counter is reset to three spins.


This feature is activated when a player gets a winning string. The player can then choose whether to use it or not. If he wishes to gamble with his winnings, then he has to guess the colour, which, if right, will double his winnings. The upper limit for this feature per game is five or earlier, provided that the player has reached the gamble limit.

Game Rules

Ten coins on each payline are allowed.
The player receives the winnings only from the highest paying string.
Winnings from the scattered strings and bonus games are combined with the regular winnings.
All symbols need to be on the payline, ordered in a line, and starting from the 1st reel, in order to be able to form the winning string. This does not apply to the scattered symbols, when a player is in the free spin bonus mode.
Paytable displays the amount won for each string, whereas the entire sum that a player receives will be directly linked to how much he wagered on each payline.
The amount won in coins is multiplied with the amount staked for each payline in order to calculate the regular winnings.
The amount won from the scattered symbol string is multiplied with the amount placed as a regular bet in order to determine the scattered winnings.
Coins covert to credits using the formula: amount of coins x size of the coins = credits.
A player receives the payouts in coins, except for the bonus game payouts, which are in credits.
The games and pays will be cancelled, in case of malfunction.

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