Jacks or Better Poker

Fans of Jacks or Better Poker is one of the more popular forms of video poker available. Anyone looking for a flashy game with a lot of spins on traditional poker, well, this is not the game to check out. If you are interested in a rather simple version of traditional poker, this particular game developed by Microgaming fits such a bill. The basic rules of the game are the standard ones you would find in any type of poker. The key here is the minimum payout is received when you have a pair of Jacks or better. In other words, a hand with a pair of three’s is not going to pay anything. Two aces, though, means the game has to dole out a payment.

The “standard” nature means there are no gimmicks associated with the wagers in this game. Wild cards and jokers are not part of the mix so what you are dealt is what you have to play. Do not hope for any backdoor ways to win. Bonus payouts for any particular combinations of hands. Trying for pie in the sky glory with a crazy bonus payout is not achievable with this game. In many ways, that is a positive. You do not find yourself hoping for or trying to get extremely difficult card combinations. Instead, you stay focused on the basics of a play.

You can win big provided you hit the jackpot with a Royal Straight Flush. If you are lucky enough (very lucky!) to get this hand, your payout will be 4,000 coins. That could be a huge amount depending upon what your monetary bet amount is.

For those who are new to video poker, this is one the best games to play. The rules are extremely easy to understand and, once you get the hang of it, you should be able to make better wagering decisions during future sessions. Your experience with this game may even lead to being able to wager on the more complex ones such as Texas Hold’em.

Give Jacks or Better a try. It just might turn out to be your favorite video poker game of all.

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