James Dean, the teenage icon, the acting prodigy and undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures to have ever acted in movies. He also was named in the Academy’s list of the most significant film actors ever. Yes, there are a lot many actors out there who are far greater icons than himself but there is something more special about him than the others. James Dean achieved all this by acting in 3 movies. Yes, 3 movies is what all that took him to achieve all that. Unfortunately though his life ended in a tragic accident right after those 3 movies or he could have perhaps ended up being one of the greatest actors to have ever lived. NextGen have now come up with a online scratch game that is kind of a tribute to this legend. James Dean Scratch is the name of the game and it is available across all online platforms.

About the Developer

NextGen Gaming was formed in 1999, providing casino software for a growing market of online casinos. NextGen provide several services. They basically started out by porting land based slot games to the online platform but now they have branched out to releasing their own games. They have a widespread presence across all platforms like mobile, pc and even social media. In fact their social media presence is quite significant as they not so long ago won the best social games developer award from the EGR magazine.

About the Game

James Dean Scratch is a really straight forward game. Just match 3 symbols by scratching away at the 9 given tiles. If you manage to match three you complete a set and you win. You can manage to match up to 3 different sets per spin as it is a 3×3 grid. Before each spin you can set your wager which can be anywhere between 0.01 to 2£.

James Dean Scratch has really good payouts. The wins though small are frequent and thus make you keep coming back for more.

Also James Dean Scratch is a really good looking game. The icy blue theme, the James Dean related symbols and the cool animation all combine well to make this slot visually really pleasing.


James Dean Scratch is as much fun as it’s slot counterpart. It has the same cool graphics and some really fun game play. So, just go online and give it a spin.

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