Karate Pig


Designed with an idea to bring in some real cash, Karate Pig is enriched with two bonus games, free spins and karate, which act as real money boosters. The main goal of this 5-reel, 200-coin slot game is to get that lucky combo of the symbols on one of the 40 lines that a player has selected. The player can earn as much as he plays, i.e. the payouts are in direct link to the coins used as well as the type of the combo that wins.

How to Play

The number of lines that are used for playing is selected by using the lines.
The coin size is adjusted using the up and down keys of the bet.
To raise the amount staked a player uses coins.
To set the amount to its maximum, a player uses max bet.
How much a player wins is shown in win.
The reel is spun using the spin button.
The normal games are set automatically using the autoplay. This button enables a player to play consecutive games for as many times as he wishes. This feature is available only in the expert mode, together with the spinx5/10 feature, which acts the same as autoplay, just for 5 or 10 spins.
Game setting can be customized regarding the game and sound settings.
Game statistics is displayed for a player to see. It is reset after each game. The most valuable three wins are displayed together with the amount of spins played.



If there are 3+ scattered symbols of bonus, then this bonus game is triggered and a player gets a chance to win as many as 10600 coins by uncovering hidden bonus amounts. The bonus game consists of 2 levels, the 1st level allows a player to select one of the 2 bonus games, pork chop (6 barrels hide random bonus amounts) or hammer (6 tarps hide the hidden bonus amounts), after which he is given a colour belt. In order to go to the 2nd level, a player needs to collect all 7 belts. The 2nd level is the final showdown, which consists of 3 fight rounds, each consisting of 2 fight combos hiding random bonus amounts.
A player receives a bonus amount and steps onto the next round if the pig is the winner of the round. If it loses, a player just continues to the second round.
After the final showdown is finished, the colour belt goes back to white.
This feature is not available if the player is using the free spin mode.

  • Six tarps are displayed. Behind each tarp is a random bonus win amount. You choose tarps to reveal random bonus win amounts, until you find a stop tarp.
  • You are awarded a consolation prize for any remaining tarps.
  • The win amounts displayed in the bonus game are already multiplied by your total bet amount. Only the bonus win amount is displayed.
  • You win the total of all the bonus win amounts revealed.
  • When the game is complete you are awarded the next colour belt.
Free Spins

If there are 2+ scattered symbols of the coin on the first and fifth reels, then this feature is triggered, awarding the player with 15 free spins and a chance to double his regular winnings.
This feature can be restarted while a player is using the free spin mode, thus allowing a player to get extra spins, which are then combined with the ones that remained.
The betting and paylines of the spin that opened this feature are identical to the ones found in this feature.
While a player is playing the free spins, he cannot trigger the karate feature.

Karate Pig

This is a wild symbol, used to replace all the others, except for the coin and bonus. It is used to form a wild symbol stack. It can also be used to form a winning string on its own, provided there are several of them on the selected payline.

Game Rules

A player can stake 5 coins at most on each payline.
Paytable is used as a basis for calculating the payouts. The string that brings the highest amount is the only one that is paid to a player.
All winning combos start from the first reel. All symbols have to be lined up in a row on a payline.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each payline.
The amount of coins won is multiplied with the coin size to determine how much a player won in credits.
Bonus winnings are combined with the regular winnings.
Everything is cancelled if the site experiences technical difficulties.

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