Leagues of Fortune


Enhanced with additional features, such as free spins, your gamble, scattered and wild symbols, Leagues of Fortune is a 5-reel, 500-coin slot game and is everything a player needs to reach the winning string on one of 1024 paylines that are permanently set.

How to Play

The field spin is used for reel spinning.
The field coins is used for increasing the amount of coins a player wishes to wager in a game.
The field bet max is used for setting the bet amount to its upper limit. The game will be started automatically after pressing this field.
The fields up and down are used to choose the size of the coins.
The win field shows how much a player has won; the winning will be seen at the reels.
The expert mode is equipped with two additional features that the regular one does not have:
5. a possibility to spin the reels five or ten times in one go
6. a possibility to set the series of games that will start automatically for a preset number of spins.
Payout tables show how much a player has won per winning string.
Game statistics allow a player to check his three most valuable winning strings as well as the amount of spins played. This data is available only for the current game, so that when a player exits the game, it is reset back to zero.


Leagues of Fortune

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the other symbols so that the winning string is formed. This rule does not apply to the scattered symbol.
It is also used to form a symbol stack, thus increasing the odds of forming a winning string.
If there are several of them on the payline, then a winning string is formed as well.


As a scattered symbol, it can appear anywhere on the reels and still make a winning string, provided that there are 2+ of them.
In case there are 3+, then it serves as a bonus game activator, allowing the player to receive free spins.
Leagues of fortune cannot replace this symbol.

Free spins

If there are 3+ scattered symbols of the chest throughout the reels, a player activates this feature, which enables him to spin the reels 35 times for free throughout which regular winnings can be multiplied by x5 multiplier.
A player cannot retrigger this feature while he is in the free spin mode.
All the rules applying to the betting and pay-ways here are identical to the rules of the spin that triggered this feature.

Your Gamble

This feature is triggered by any winning and a player is the one who decides whether to play or skip it. The compass needle is spun in order to gamble the winnings. There are 2 parts on the compass, i.e. winning and losing. A player can adjust these, to set them to more parts, up to twenty in total. He can also decide whether to gamble with all the money, or just half. Once the gamble limit has been reached, the gamble feature closes.
All winnings are in credits.

Game Rules

A player is allowed to bet ten coins on paylines, which are multiplied by 50 automatically. Hence, the entire amount staked is the amount of coins multiplied with 25.
There are 1024 pay-ways that cannot be (de)selected.
All symbols pay left-right on the payline, but for the scattered one.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.
If a player gets more than one winning string with different symbols on each pay-way, then he receives all of the winnings. If the winnings are of the same symbol, then he receives the winning string that has the highest value.
If there are 2+ winning strings on different pay-ways, a player will be paid for every string.
The entire amount of coins that is won is multiplied with the size of credits that a player has chosen in order to determine the amount of credits.
Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.
In case of technical difficulties, the plays are cancelled.

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