This is the next addition to Net Entertainment’s ‘Cluster Pays’ series, and you need to access Vegas-Paradise casino to give the game a try and feel the difference in person.

Get into the game and you will enjoy the company of the wise monk as you walk down the path to understanding. You ought to be careful though because of the spirit of the dragon that is on the mountain. It’s always tough on trespassers. You, however, are lucky because the monk is on your side and hence you will prevail.

The game is a six reel five row video slot and has a Cluster Pays mechanic.

The Bonus Features

The Legend of Shangri-La : Cluster Pays features are;

Random Substitutions – If you get 2 clusters of a symbol, each will contain 4 or more other symbols. The monk might add a substitution symbol or more of them so that you can unite both clusters into a combination that is profitable

Sticky Re-Spins – When you have 2 clusters that are none-winning but of the same symbols on your screen, the monk will help you by triggering the sticky re-spins feature. In the process, all the chosen symbols will be sticky and hence remain on the screen when the spin is repeated. After all the added and new symbols are set, you will get payments for all the clusters that will have won.

Free Spins – You will be taken into a free spin bonus round when you get 3 or more Free Spins Symbols any place on the 6 reels. More scatters will mean more free spins awards to you. The scatters will be as follows:

3 Scatters for 5 Free Spins
4 Scatters for 6 Free Spins
5 Scatters for 7 Free Spins
6 Scatters fro 8 Free Spins

When you are playing the free spins rounds, the monk may add anything between 2 to 6 sticky substitution symbols before you spin.

Nudge Reels – When 2 free spin scatter symbols land at any place on the reels, the monk can opt to nudge an added third free spin symbol into play. The symbol can be outside the visible area of the reel. The act will automatically activate the Free spins bonus feature of The Legend of Shangri-La.

Play The Legend of Shangri-La : Cluster Pays at Vegas-Paradise casino and you will note that it’s satisfying than its predecessor. The cluster pays variation provides an immensely entertaining game, where you will always have a feeling that you are about to win big. This happens mostly when the monk uses Zen Powers to assist you in your push.

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