Lion’s Pride

Lion’s Pride is a 100 payline slot game with a unique African safari theme. With the primary focus of the game being lions, the main symbols for the slots are the lion, the lioness and the baby cub. Other African animals featured on the game reels include the zebra and the deer.
This high graphic and detailed game has bamboo that borders the reels along with an orange sky setting in the background of the savannah. Also included on the reels are the high value card numbers ranging from ace to ten. These numbers are given a darker shade of brown to fit in and match the colors of the animals. Key symbols to note on this slot game include the African mask and the Lion’s Pride logo symbol. If landed on the African mask, that means there is a scatter. The Lion’s Pride symbol is wild. If five Lion’s Pride symbols are landed on, the gamer will win the jackpot of up to 1250 coins.

If a winning combination is landed on, a gamer will have the experience of viewing the symbols come to life with animation. This is also true if landed on any high value card symbol. When a combination arises for a deer, a gamer will see the deer cautiously peeking out from behind the grass, as if to stay hidden to avoid danger from the lion. The lion, in the case of a winning combination, lets out a realistic and majestic roar.

Lion’s Pride offers payouts exclusively when both the lion and lioness appear on any activated payline. At this point, the lion and lioness symbols will transform into the pair being shown together.

Other unique features of this game include the sounds of the African drums being beaten in the background of the free spin mode. While there is no actual music during game play, a gamer can enjoy the realistic sounds of the animals once landed on throughout the game.

At the end of the game, a player has the option to collect on each payout or stake them all in the gamble game. In this round, a player chooses a single color and if the card dealt corresponds to that color, the player’s winnings will be doubled. The gamer also has the option of choosing a suit, in which case, if the suit is dealt, the gamer will have their winning quadrupled.

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