Live Black Jack Standard High Roller is a multiplayer, turn-based game of Blackjack. It is played with a maximum of seven players. You can play this Blackjack game with six card-decks and a live dealer that operates your Blackjack game.
This is a game which is definitely preferred by casino players across the world. With Blackjack, winning is not completely based on the kinds of bet you placed. Experience, strategy and perhaps a small amount of money is required in order to play an interesting and skilfull game.

About the Developer

NetEnt is the prestigious developer of Live Black Jack Standard High Roller. This game developer has produced many great casino games in the last decade. The operation of NetEnt is categorized into 3: NetEnt Touch, NetEnt Casino and NetEnt Live Casino. Standard online games are being developed by NetEnt Casino. NetEnt Touch is related to the production of online casino games for the mobile devices. NetEnt Live Casino is related to developing live casinos.

About the Game

In Live Black Jack Standard High Roller, the cards are mixed up by utilising either the manual or automatic shuffling processes. While utilising an automated shuffling device, the shuffling of cards is done in the last part of every game round. During the manual shuffling, the gameplay continues until the live dealer shows a black coloured insert card. This suggests that it is the ideal time for reshuffling.
The main objective of the blackjack game is to produce a hand with an estimated value which is closer or equal to 21 than the hand of the dealer without going above. The table of live Black jack Standard High Roller has seven seats. The seats which are available are represented by a green light displayed beneath the betting box. To select an available seat, the betting box may be selected. Only one seat can be occupied at the table.
At the beginning of the Blackjack game round, the dealer summons you to locate your bets. The stake time is started for the second’s countdown.
To locate a bet, a chip value is selected and placed in the chosen betting box. Extra clicks on the stake box locate the extra chips of same worth. Any stake which is placed below the minimum stake limit for the Black jack table is not applicable and can’t be admitted by the dealer. Those bets, which are placed above the maximum stake limit ,are adjusted automatically to complement the maximum stake limit. When the betting is closed, the amount equivalent to all the placed stakes is removed from the casino balance.
Live Black Jack Standard High Roller is considered among the most entertaining and interesting table games. It completely recreates an environment of an offline casino and is a brilliant game to enjoy at all times.

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