Where will the world of professional boxing be without Mike Tyson? The heavy punching knockout King of boxing will forever remain a legend of the square ring. This boxing icon is now the name and face of a roulette game by Inspired Gaming known as Mike Tyson Roulette. This game comes with standard roulette rules with some slight tweaks as well as an exciting ‘Knockout Bonus’. Read on to learn more about this bonus and other features.

Placing Bets On Mike Tyson Roulette

With Mike Tyson, Roulette players can place bets as low as £1 and as high as £100 for each turn of the roulette wheel. The bets you place are entirely up to you, you can place bets on a single number or on a range of numbers on the wheel. There are several bets that can be made and some include neighbour bets, all in bets, lucky dip, perfect bets and scatter bets. This roulette also comes with an ingenious punch bet.

Just like regular roulette games, players can place bets by selecting a single number or range of numbers. You then place your bets on the numbers selected and spin the roulette wheel. If you are lucky and the wheel stops on the number or range of numbers – you win! Payouts awarded for wins are dependent on the respective odds of your bet. These bets can also be automatically placed on the board for you, giving you a seamless and quick gameplay experience.

A Free Roulette With Stunning Graphics And Animation

Mike Tyson Roulette is absolutely free and can be played from any reputable online casino site around such as Vegas Paradise. New players can receive handsome welcome bonus offers when they play from this gaming site. The graphic design and animation of this roulette are very good. It is well detailed and smooth while the gameplay is free from any glitch.

Mike Tyson Roulette Knockout Bonus

On the roulette wheel, you will see an image of Iron Mike, this image can take players to a bonus round known as the Knockout Bonus if the ball lands on the image. Players of Mike Tyson Roulette can activate this round by placing a minimum bet of £1 per spin or a maximum of £5 per wheel spin.

Players are taken to a fresh playing screen where four punching bags can be seen. These punching bags come in a variety of payout sums. You will have to punch these and in the process, you can knock out the small payout amounts to leave behind two £500 payout sums. This represents the highest payout possible. The knocked off smaller payouts can be taken by you where you are not sure of reaching the next bonus round.

To Sum Up

Players will find Mike Tyson Roulette exciting and rewarding to play. Standard roulette rules apply, but there are also some added features like the Knockout Bonus round to enhance gameplay. The graphics display is impressive as well and the animation runs quite smoothly.

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