Money Bee

How to Play Money Bee

When it comes to mobile slots there are many different types of different games to choose from based off of many different themes. Money Bee is one such game and as the name implies it is based off of bees. Actually, there is more to the game than just bees, the symbols are represented by various insects including snails, caterpillars, and more. The bee of course represents the jackpot that everyone is trying to get. This fresh take on the classic slots theme is a great way to make mobile slots more fun and exciting for everyone.

Money Bee Features

One of the most notable features of Money Bee is the fact that the maximum bet and payout for jackpots are slightly higher than with many mobile slot games. In Money Bee you can place a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 50.00. This allows players who like to make larger bets really have a good time and turn up the excitement a bit.

The base jackpot itself is worth a huge 5000 coins and is based off of the player playing one coin per line. Getting the jackpot is achieved by getting five bee symbols in the game.

Bonus Features

There are a few bonus features in Money Bee as well that will keep players coming back for more. Under certain circumstances it is possible to trigger a special bonus mode in the game which gives you the player 10 free spins. The tradeoff is that these spins do not have multipliers attached to them. This is a great way to spice things up during and exciting game of mobile slots.


Money Bee has a very streamlined and simple to use interface. On the left of the screen players will find the slot reel. On the right there are a few buttons such as the start button which rolls the reel and the bet button which allows players to place their bet. There are also options features as well at the top of the screen.


Money Bee is a fun, exciting, and cute mobile slots game that is great for anyone who like to play slots on the go. The iGaming2Go software makes it easy to use and highly compatible with most mobile devices. The 94.92% payout rate is very attractive and allows players to stay in the game longer and keep things rolling.

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