Moonshine, with its 5 reels , 25 paylines, 1025 coin slots is a standard slot game, but for an additional bonus game called moonshine. All a player has to do is spin the reels and get the winning string on the payline. The amount he earns is depended on the type of symbols used in the winning string.

How to Play

The player uses down and up buttons to adjust the bet, i.e. the size of the coins.
The select coins is used to raise the bet amount.
Max bet is used to set the bet amount to the highest amount possible.
The line number is used to set the amount of paylines. To raise this number a player can use select lines.
The expert mode is equipped with two additional Features that the regular one doesn’t have:
1. the possibility to spin the reels five or ten times in one go
2. the possibility to set the series of games that will start automatically for a preset number of spins.
If a player gets a winning string where symbols are in a line on the payline, then this string will be highlighted across the reels.
The winning box displays how much a player has won per payline.
The amount won is multiplied with the size of the coins to determine how much a player has won in credits.



This is a wild symbol that replaces all the others, except for the scattered and moonshine bonus symbols.
It can be used to create a winning string on its own, provided multiple of them are found next to each other on the payline.


This symbol can appear anywhere across the reels, as it is a scattered one. When there are 3+ of them, then a winning string is formed. It cannot be replaced by the symbol of grandma.


This bonus game is triggered when there are at least three scattered symbols of the moonshine bonus. A player is then given 18 free spins at most as well as the chance to earn a 4x multiplier by uncovering random bonus and multipliers that are hidden under 18 blocks, arranged in three rows, till he stumbles upon the symbol of the start free bonus.
How many free spins he gets is directly linked to how many symbols triggered the game.
The bets and paylines that applied to the spin, which opened this game, are valid here as well.
This feature cannot be retriggered while in the bonus game.
The moonshine string only triggers the feature; it does not bring the payout.

Game Rules

It is allowed to place 5 coins maximum on every payline.
The highest winning string is the only one that’s paid.
All symbols follow left-right order in order to form the winning string. They also need to appear on the payline in a row. This rule does not apply to the scattered symbol.
The amount of coins won is multiplied with the coin size to determine how much a player won in credits.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each payline.
Scattered winnings are obtained when the value of the scattered combo type is multiplied with the entire amount placed as the regular bet.
If the site has technical issues, all the games and payouts will be cancelled.

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