Unlike the regular slots, Nerves of Steal slots has no reels or paylines. This slot features a grid of 5 × 10 tiles and the sole aim is for players to flip the chip till the 10 casino chips hidden underneath is found. Pretty easy right? Read on to find out more.

There are four lives with four chances of finding the casino chips symbols in this game and you stand a chance of making you win big.

Let Nerves Of Steal Slots Test Your Nerves

As soon as you hit the “PLAY” button the board with 50 square tiles will be shown and you can begin the Nerves of Steal slots. Now your Nerves will be put a test as you start picking them one after the other in search of the Casino Chips symbol. Opening an empty box will reduce your four lives by one as well as your current prize. However, once you open a with the Casino Chip symbol, your current life is restored back to 4.

Betting And Winning

This game allows you to increase or decrease your bet values using the “+” and “-”. Bet values which are: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 and £10 can earn you jackpots of £100,000, £200,000, £300,00, £400,000, £500,000 and £1,000,000. Your chance of hitting a big win increases with your bet increase. There’s also the Next Win feature which allows you to take a peek at the value of the Casino Chip you hope to find see the value of the next Casino Chip you may find, then you can decide to cash out or keep playing.

Nerves of Steal: CashOut or Jackpot

The Nerve of Steal slot has a Cash Out icon that pops up when you find a Casino Chips and your prize is displayed. This affords you a chance to either cash out of keep turning the tiles. Now, you can trigger the Jackpot when you open 10 Casino Chip symbols on one row.

To Sum Up

This nothing much to this slots, however, “Keep calm and keep playing” is the watchword for Nerves of Steal slots. It does the test and stretches your nerves and patience but at the end of it all, the huge Jackpot will leave you smiling while longing to play over and over again.

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