Piggy Fortunes


The objective of any slot game is to have the player match a winning symbol combination on any played line. Piggy Fortunes, with its 5 reels, 25 paylines and 375 coin slots, is no different in this regard. An extra bonus game feature comes implemented.

How to Play

Arrows at bet field are used to set the desired bet amount.

Coin size arrows are used to set the desired size of the coins.

Coins arrows are used to raise or reduce the bet amount.

Spin is used to start the game.

Win field is used to display the payout from the winning string, which is highlighted across the reels.

Autoplay is used to put the game into an automated sequence of normal plays for a set number of spins. By doing this, a player can play numerous successive games using the base setting.

Statistics about the current game can be seen on the display. This data is reset when the player exits the game.

Play and sound settings are adjustable.


Big Bad Wolf

This feature gets awarded when at least three scattered symbols of three little pigs make an appearance.

A player is then given free spins, where the symbol of the wolf next to the house symbol brings a multiplier, the amount of which depends on the type of the house, i.e. house made of straw brings a x2 multiplier, wooden one brings a3x multiplier, whereas the one made of bricks brings a 4x multiplier. These multipliers are used to multiply the entire amount that is staked.

The betting and payline rules that were valid for the spin that triggered this feature are valid here as well.

The symbol of 3 little pigs across the reels in this mode rebuilds the house.

While a player is using this feature, the symbol of the wolf acts as a multiplier, as it multiplies the payouts from the winning strings where it is used as a replacement. The game ends when there are no more houses.

This feature cannot be re-triggered when a player is using it.


This symbol is used to replace the others so that the winning string is formed. It cannot form the winning string on its own. It cannot replace the scattered symbol.

Three Little Pigs

This symbol can appear anywhere across the reels. 3+ of them bring the winning string. 3+ of them also trigger a bonus game, called big bad wolf. It cannot be replaced by the wolf.

Game Rules

A player can stake 15 coins at most.
The sum put up on each payline multiplies payline wins in order to determine the regular winnings.
Scatter winnings, which can show up outside the selected payline, represent the amount that the scatter symbol combo is worth multiplied by a player’s bet.

Scattered and bonus winnings are combined with the regular ones.

Just the largest payout per payline is paid, aside from the scattered winnings.

If coinciding wins occur across different paylines, they are all added together.

All symbols pay from left to right, i.e. from 1st reel, on a payline in a regular mode. This rule does not apply for the scattered symbols.

The credit amount is equal to the entire amount that a player won, which is multiplied with the size of coins that a player has selected.

If the system experiences technical problems, payouts and plays are canceled.

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