Pizza Prize


This slot game comes with an additional feature, called free games, that is implemented here to help a player maximize the amounts he is liable to win. In order to win prizes during normal play, a player has to get a winning string on the lines that he has selected previously. The possible size of the amounts to be had is tied to two factors: how many coins were used in the process and the value of the string symbols that brought him the win. The RTP average for this five reel slot game is precisely 95.38%. Meaning, you’re bound to get lucky!

How to play

A player can use the – and + keys to set the wanted number of lines as well as the amount for betting that he wants. The same keys can be used for other corresponding adjustments. The line tag number found on the side of the reels can be used by the player to adjust the number of lines to be put into play. A neat little feature is the Max button whose singular use is to ease the wagering process as much as possible. If you should use the said button it will instantly set the maximum value for its field and affect the lines or bet.
Autoplay – Sets the game into a successive normal game play mode that lasts for a predetermined number of spins. You can use this feature to go through up to five hundred rounds, i.e. spins, without any hassle.
Info – When prompted it shows game rules and valid symbol strings
Spin – The reels are put into motion.
The various display fields are discussed below:
Balance – Shows the sum you have at your disposal
Bet – Details the wagered sum on each line that is to be put into play
Lines – Numbers the lines you’ve chosen for playing
Win – Whatever sum you may have won during the spin is shown in this field
Total bet – The bet enlarged according to the chosen number of lines to be played comprising the entire wagered sum on the table.
If any malfunctions are found with the machine the earnings and the games will lose their validity.


Free games

Once a player gets at least three symbols of scattered pizza, he gains access to the feature, that will allow him to play 15 games at the lines for free. This feature also enables a player to place his bets
There’s a symbol of the pizza oven put in place just above every reel in order to signify that a Free Games mode has been activated
A corresponding oven opens every time you get a pizza symbol, if you get more in one try – a corresponding number of ovens above will open each granting a different prize
The Reel 1 oven can grant the player with a mystery winning or it can exchange the pizza symbol with a Tony one
The Reel 2 oven offers a mystery amount that quintuples the bet that triggered the mode
The Reel 3 oven changes its symbols into Tony ones on a random basis
The Reel 4 oven provides a possible eight-fold multiplier increase for that particular spin
The Reel 5 oven gifts bonus Free Games, four at the most
You will not be able to enter this mode again once it’s finished
Any amounts accrued through playing these games are simply combined with the scatter wins as well as the wins from the paylines.

The process of gambling:

The player is allowed to gamble with any won sum by pressing the corresponding button, which is labeled as such. The following step would be to choose either a colour, which if right will double the money, or a suit, that will quadruple the money, provided the player was right. A single winning can be used five times for this application. Not more than that. And a player cannot gamble with any jackpot wins.

The Rules

The maximum amount of lines is 25.
The Paytable decides the winnings.
The bets made on each payline are used to multiply the wins of the paylines.
The sum total of the wagered amount affects scatter wins by multiplying them.
Everything won through scatter wins gets carried over to the payline payout amount.
The highest sum won per selected payline is the one that is taken into account.
Payouts across numerous paylines are all taken as one singular sum.
Only scatter wins may take place outside the chosen lines.
Scattered pizza symbol is the only one that can pay either direction, whereas the others have to follow a left-to-right order.
The Tony symbol can be used in the place of every other symbol unless it’s Scattered Pizza.
If one Tony symbol is present in a string that won, the player gets to double his winnings.

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